Don’t Buy Fake Peacock Feathers – Natural Feathers Are Gathered Responsibly

Don’t Buy Fake Peacock Feathers – Natural Feathers Are Gathered Responsibly

Here at we strive to bring you quality, real peacock feathers.  Arrangements and designed items incorporate REAL peacock feathers rather than fake peacock feathers that some providers try to pass off as peacock feathers.  You can rest assured that peacock feathers are gathered in a natural process.  The bird is not harmed in the process of gathering these feathers.

fake peacock feathersPeacocks Feathers Are Gathered When They Molt

They lose their feathers naturally throughout the year.  Mostly completed in summer, the bird may lose as much as half of it’s total feathers to keep cool.  In fact, over 150 feathers can be collected from a single bird after they have been dropped.  Indigenous to southeast Asia, the peacock must survive heat topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the bird uses it’s feathers to impress the opposite sex and find a mate…the peacock will molt after the breeding season.

If you’re worried about purchasing dyed peacock feathers due to concern for the bird, please consider the process used to dye said feathers.  The difference between stem-dyed and bleached feathers is a very different process.  Bleaching a feather removes all color to give an almost entirely white feather.  The feather is then set in a dye to match the color ascribed.  Stem-dyed feathers are feathers that are placed in a dye where the stem is the only part that touches the dye.  The dye is consumed by the stem and branches up in to the feather through induction.  Both are very different methods of accomplishing the same required result, neither of which involve the bird in any way.

Peacocks are treated very well by many of their owners.  Free-roaming birds by nature – the feathers sold on this site are 100% cage-free and the birds are allowed to roam naturally.  Native to India…the bird is considered by many to be highly regarded by Hindus and is respected greatly.  Have no fear, you’re buying feathers that come from a good place where the animals are treated well.

If you’re looking for imitation peacock feathers…you will not find them on this site.  The process for making an imitation peacock feather that is full-sized is significantly more expensive than traditionally gathering feathers discarded by a peacock.  Why pay upwards of 5-10x the amount for a feather that will serve the purpose you require and will be real?