Peacock Feathers For Sale In Bulk: Considerations

Peacock Feathers For Sale In Bulk: Considerations

If you’re searching for peacock feathers for sale in bulk quantities you’re undoubtedly looking for information that will guide your purchase.  With so many prospective suppliers it’s no wonder that the available choices can become a bit confusing.  From overseas suppliers to domestic pricing…finding the balance is surely a necessity.

Cheap Peacock Feathers

Sometimes, you get what you pay for.  Peacock feathers must be gathered together after the bird molts.  There are seasonally adjusted times when these feathers become more readily available.  On occasion you will find that suppliers gather together these feathers and store them for significant durations to wade out the supply influx  in the market.  When you purchase these feathers you can get peacock feathers that look nothing like the picture described.

Storage Conditions

Humidity and heat are the two of the biggest threats to peacock feathers.  Humidity clumps the feather strands together making them lumpy and loose.  They tend to hold up less rigid and appear to be matted down.  Heat can dry the feathers out so much that they become frail and fragile.  The feathers can wilt more than normal and appear to be lifeless.  Gathering chords of feathers together and piling them together creates spots where moisture can accumulate.  This mixed with heat can ruin the feathers.

Consider Local Suppliers

While the peacock is native to southeast Asia, it’s worth considering purchasing feathers from US-based suppliers.  Not only is shipping quicker (and usually included!) but it provides a better level of accountability on the part of the business.  Property rights, business accountability, and faster delivery make purchasing from the US a better bargain when obtaining bulk peacock feathers.  All peacock feathers for sale in bulk listed on are US-based.  While we link to eBay items, many consumers find that PayPal‘s system of handling payments ensures a quality product will be delivered for the agreed-upon price.